Process starts with the exporter to appoint a CFA.

What are the required documents?

The following documents shall be produced for export:

• Invoice
• Parking list
• TIN certificate (exporter)(NOT REQUIRED FOR TRANSIT EXPORT)
• Authorization letter
• Export certificates from relevant Authorities depending on nature of the goods to be exported, these include:

1. Certificates from Food and Drugs Authority
2. Certificates from Ministry of Agriculture for crops
3. Certificates from ministry of mines for minerals
4. Certificates from Ministry of Natural Resources


Export means to take or cause goods to be taken out of Tanzania. Exports are free of duty and taxes except for two items; Raw hides and skins that are chargeable at the rate of 90% of FOB value or TSHS 900/= per kg whichever is higher and Raw cashew nuts that are levied at the rate of 15% computed on FOB value or USD 160 per metric ton whichever is higher

How do I process export documents?

• The exporter is required to appoint a Clearing and Forwarding Agent (CFA) to process his/her export documents.
• List of Licensed CFA
• Documentation process is done online and completed before examination of goods and export release
• The initial process starts with the exporter to appoint a CFA

Note: For TANCIS users (currently Dar es salaam and Tunduma).

• The exporter hands over the documents either manually or electronically to the CFA who uploads them in the Tanzania Customs Integrated System (TANCIS) together with all attachment of relevant documents including permits from Other Government Departments (OGD) to TRA.OGDs verify permit if any (reject or approval).
• Assessment of export taxes and duties if any.
• CFA make booking of container(s) from shipping line/agent.
• Stuffing of export cargo into container(s) under supervision of TRA and Other Government Departments (OGDs)
• Shipping line/agent submit to TRA export vessel schedule information.
• TRA audit (approve/reject) loading declaration (approved loading declaration automatically disseminated to Terminal operator as Loading List and becomes expected carry in).
• Gate check in conformation by TRA terminal gate.
• Terminal submits Carry in report to TRA to confirm arrival of export cargo at Terminal.
• Loading result report (short/normal loaded cargo) submitted by terminal to TRA.
• Conformation of loading report by TRA.
• Submission of Export manifest by Shipping Line/Agent to TRA.
• TRA Audit ( approve) export manifest (automatically strike off inventory from terminal)

Note: Other station excludes Dar es Salaam and Tunduma

• The exporter hands over the documents either manually or electronically to the CFA who uploads them in the Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA++) and lodges the same to TRA; whereby a reference number is automatically generated.
• The exporter shall inform the customs before loading the goods in the container or truck as the customs officer shall witness the loading process


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