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Mr.Hassan Omari Dinya, CEO & Director.


We carry on the business of clearing and forwarding agents, commission agents, transporters, freighters, haulers, customs bonded warehouse and go down keepers, cargo and superintendents, packers, machinery haulage specialists, warehousemen, engineers, electricians, motor cars, trucks, cabs, omnibus, oil tank and coach proprietors and transporters, civil transport

contractors and transporters by any other means of conveyance of people and goods in Tanzania and the neighboring countries and in such other place or place as may from time to time be determined by the company, engage in and or otherwise carry on the business as transporters and transport agents, freight forwarders. We purchase or otherwise acquire aircrafts, ships and boats and carry on the business of air chatterers, carriage of passengers of freight, air training, air lifting cargo and freight, schedule air services, sea charters, aviation managers, aviation consultants and tour operators.

Why us

We are criticality considering the custom clearance activities, we dedicate special resources to various consignments arriving by air, land or sea.

Our team of clearance and forwarding professionals will help you resolve all issues with constant follow up and contacting the government authorities to ensure smooth transition of client’s imported and exported goods.

Clearing & Forwarding

We carry on all transit goods, local goods, back cargo, cars, machine, mining equipments, clearing cargo from airport etc. and all or any of the business of transport, carriage and haulage contractors within the country or any other state in Africa, Europe, Asia and any other foreign country.

" The company offered me a good service, it's the only company I trust whenever i want their services, the staff are real professional, helpful and honest."
Mr Enock Mulenga from Lusaka, Zambia.


Whether you're a small business operating out of a single location or a big company with a massive footprint, our logistic services has the resources, people and expertise to help manage and grow your business. By forming a strategic partnership with us, you realize all of the benefits of outsourcing, plus consistent, reliable performance and an unconditional commitment to service. Our model of business allows for the visionaries, operators, and technicians to sit together around one table to develop efficient, low cost solutions that will deliver results without sacrificing quality. Our staff has worked to develop standard processes and procedures to guarantee a mobile and agile workforce that will efficiently manage your projects world-wide.

Office equipment

we can supply you with a wide range of office supplies, printer supplies, office furniture, information technology and stationery held in stock, we’re guaranteed to have what you need. From major corporate, small and medium companies to public sector organizations’, our clients rely on us to deliver the efficiencies and cost savings they need. We promise you competitive pricing on the leading brands, quality service, fast delivery and sound advice - just some of the reasons we’re still the smart choice for office equipment, furniture, stationery and supplies.


Core Values

Integrity and Honesty

Improvement and Innovation

Respect and Human dignity

Socially Responsible

Excellent customer service

Gender balance.

Professionalism in leadership and governance

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